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I don’t like being compared to Maina Kageni – Classic 105’s Mike Mondo

Mike is currently hosting Maina and Kingang'i in the morning while Maina is away.

A comparison that grinds his gears because as much as Maina is a great presenter, Mondo wants to chart his own path.

“People say I sound like Maina Kageni but Maina sounds like me. Everyone says that I sound like him but it's not that necessarily I sound like him, we talk in a similar way,” Heexplainedon The Trend.

His response had Amina telling him,“People have said that you are the next Maina Kageni of radio and he says that you have got everything that it takes to be a big radio host.”


A compliment that Mike received well but he insisted that he doesn’t enjoy the comparison. This is because it overshadows his accomplishments as an individual.

“Thanks, Maina. I hope that includes your paycheck (laughs). People say that a lot, that I am the next big thing or whatever way they put it but I don’t necessarily see myself that way. I see myself as a person who wants to create his own niche. I mean Maina is a legend but you know there has to be Mike Mondo’s path, that is what I want. It’s annoying to be compared... I do my radio shows the best way I can but every time I do it people are like ‘Oh my God you are like the next Maina!’ and I want to be the first Mike Mondo. There can only be one Maina Kageni.”


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