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I got shot a few days to my wedding - Prezzo

It's every groom's worst nightmare...

Prezzo recently opened up about getting shot a few days to his wedding which was also the time when his ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat was pregnant with their daughter Zahra Bohke.

“I got shot in my head just about the time I was about to get married. My ex-wife was pregnant at that time; she was 3 months pregnant at that time. It was the worst experience in my life as I was thinking to myself ‘Am not going to see my daughter, I’m just about to get married.’ I was like not now’. That was the only time I really panicked.” He revealed on Ebru TV.

“But then I believe my mum’s prayers kept me going. So when I was losing consciousness I felt the car stopping and these guys (the thugs) told me ‘Don’t follow us, we are gonna drop you here.’ They dropped me in Buruburu, they showed me a flood light then they told me they would leave my car at the floodlights.


The floodlight was like say 300 meters away and so I took my shirt wrapped it around my head and walked towards it, I found out that the flood light was actually a gas station. I was bleeding then the guy at the station was like ‘Ahh Prezzo! Mambo?” And I was like can't you see the blood, this is not Cobra Squad!” He added.

But then he explained that he understands why the petrol attendant chose to greet him instead of helping him, this is because he believes that the attendant was star struck.

“I guess it’s just the Prezzo effect.” He added


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