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Dennis Ombachi’s special treat for Davido in Nairobi


Dennis Ombachi treats Davido who is in Nairobi for Raha Fest 2024 to a sumptuous meal of ugali and omena

Self-taught culinary sensation Dennis Ombachi, popularly known as The Roaming Chef had a special treat for Nigerian music sensation, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido.

Davido who is in Nairobi for the Raha Festival 2024 was treated to a sumptuous meal of ugali and omena over the Easter weekend.

The award-winning singer visited the rugby player-turned-chef shortly after arriving in the country aboard a private jet for the two-day Raha Fest extravaganza.

A short clip shared by Davido shows the pair hanging out with Ombachi serving his culinary magic to the singer.


Davido had a taste of the sumptuous meal and gave it a thumbs-up, an acknowledgement of Ombachi’s outstanding culinary skills.

The self-taught chef could be heard giving his guest a brief explanation over the meal as the pair bonded.

"This is small fish fresh from Lake Victoria". Ombachi explained.


Davido who who follows Ombachi on social media had several bites of the tasteful omena, served with brown ugali, giving it a nod.

After a few bites, the music sensation ended with Ombachi’s signature slogan “done”.

The slogan is used by the chef whenever he makes his meals.

Davido reveals why he follows Dennis Ombachi

In an interview with TikTok Nigeria, Davido was asked about the content he follows on TikTok, and he revealed that he is a fan of the Roaming Chef, which is the name Ombachi goes by in the social media spaces.


The singer disclosed that he follows Ombachi because of his wife's love for cooking, and he enjoys the food videos on Ombachi's page.

"What is your FYP (For you page)," Davido was asked.

"Mostly food, my wife does cooking videos that is why I follow The Roaming Chef," he responded.

Raha Festival 2024


Davido is among several stars in the country for Raha Fest, Africa's biggest music, art, and cultural extravaganza that kicked off yesterday at Uhuru Gardens.

He headlined the festival which is in its maiden edition serving an unforgettable blend of music, art, and cultural extravaganza.


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