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Ombachi's precocious son shows off knife skills chopping carrots [WATCH]

The Roaming Chef has shared a clip of his 3-year-old son helping out in the kitchen and comfortably using a sharp knife to chop carrots.

Dennis Ombachi with his son Remy and daughter Sasha

Dennis Ombachi, The Roaming Chef, is challenging parenting stereotypes by doing things differently with his eldest son, Remy, who is only 3 years old.

In a video posted by the food influencer on Boxing Day, the toddler was seen using a knife in an expert way in the kitchen.

"Here’s how to handle a knife, right at its center of gravity so it’s the wrist and your core getting the cutting movement," Ombachi captioned the video of his son chopping carrots.

Experts advise against having the index finger laterally across the blade of the knife. Instead, while chopping, the index finger and the thumb should both be positioned flat on the blade for better grip and to increase the range of motion.


The self-taught chef, however, noted that Remy still has some skills to perfect when it comes to how he places his fingers on the knife.

He added: "Slowly getting there, we still working on proper finger placement to avoid accidents. Our Collab will be dropping soon."

While the dominant hand holds the knife, the subordinate hand should hold the food being chopped with fingers formed in a claw to avoid injuries as well as hold the food in place.


The video elicited a number of remarks from Ombachi's followers, some who thought it is dangerous to allow toddlers to handle knives and others who lauded the Olympian for spending time teaching his son a necessary life skill.


The Roaming Chef is married to Svetlana Polikarpova, an advertising executive who owns and runs the Tandem Network. Together they have a son and a daughter, Sasha.

Sasha is known among Ombachi's online fans for having broken the family TV by knocking it off the TV stand.


Ombachi is keen on allowing his children to have life experiences that some would term as unnecessary.

In previous posts he has advised parents to travel with their children, dispelling a common assumption that young children hardly remember such experiences when they grow up.

"Deciding not to travel with kids because they won’t remember is like not reading the books because they won’t remember the stories you read them," Ombachi captioned photos of a trip with his family posted on Instagram.


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