Diamond is allowed to have 4 wives - Tanzanian video vixen says after cheating allegations

Diamond is alleged to have cheated on Tanasha with the video vixen.

Diamond is allowed to have 4 wives - Tanzanian video vixen says

Many concluded that Diamond had gone back to his cheating ways after ‘Kwetu’ video vixen Irene Louis aka Official Lynn was spotted in a bed similar to the one Diamond has.

In a phone interview with Dizzim Online she responded to accusations that she slept with the singer while he is still with Tanasha.

“Mwisho wake wanawake wanne kwani hajui?( Diamond is allowed to have 4 wives by his religion), ” Lynn said before hanging up on the caller.

While Lynn was very vague with her reply, Tanasha responded to accusations of Diamond cheating by saying that such beds are common in Danube Home a furniture shop where the ‘Tetema’ singer bought the bed.

 “@Insta_glos check out@danubehometz for a bed just like that one. They are super-duper comfy so people love to buy them”.

Another user identified as Kenny gilo mocked her by saying “He is f**cking Lynn that man yaani, wanatiana hatari”

Tanasha’s replied “@kennygilo like I said. Don’t believe everything you read or hear”.

Diamond vows to never cheat

These allegations of Diamond cheating comes a few weeks after he vowed to never cheat despite the public’s expectations.

“Roho yangu mie. Nakupenda mpaka nakupenda tena. Najua wanasubiri lini, ila watasubiri sana. Sikucheat hata iweje,” Diamond promised. (My love. I love you so much. I know they are wondering when I’ll cheat, but they will wait for a long time. I’ll never cheat on you no matter what).

“Te amo tanto mi amor. (I love you so much my love). You make me the happiest,” Tanasha dreamily replied.


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