Zari Hassan fuels break-up rumor with this strange comment

Trouble in paradise?

The news started after Diamond failed to attend Ivan Ssemwanga’s burial but they were able to squash it with a reasonable explanation.

Speaking to Cloud F.M’s Soudy Brown, Diamond’s manager Sallam SK revealed that they (Diamond and his Wasafi Crew) skipped Ivan’s funeral as Zari had already left for the village by the time they wanted to go to Uganda and since they did not know their way around Uganda they went to Tanzania.

Then the rumor flared up again after Diamond dissed Zari on Instagram with a very scathing post.

Diamond shared a photo of Zari in a Jacuzzi with another man and hastily captioned it “Ndiomaana wakati mwingine naonaga bora tu nile na kusepa.... maana hawathaminikagi wala kuaminika hawa.....” (Translation-That is why I think it’s better to have sex and leave because women like these cannot be trusted.)

And he really caught an L with this one as Zari revealed that the man in the Jacuzzi with her was a friend and it was actually the wife who took the photo during a spa day.

Before the drama was over Zari posted a photo wishing Diamond’s mom a Happy Birthday before pulling it down, further fuelling the gossip that all was not well. Diamond’s absence by Zari’s side after her mom was admitted didn’t do anything to salvage the situation. But perhaps Zari’s latest move has added credibility to the rumor. A fan page posted a photo of Tiffah walking in a pair of heels and referred to as Tiffah Dangote before Zari hastily commented with Latifah Hassan.

The post was then deleted but it was a bit late as fans expressed worry that this comment could be the beginning of an imminent separation. This is because Diamond and Zari's daughter has long been referred to as Tiffah Dangote/Tiffah Naseeb after the dad and now she has taken Zari's 'Hassan' family name.

But then again, I think the fans shouldn’t have anything to worry about as Zari and Diamond have had fights in the past and have always gone back together.


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