WCB President Diamond accorded a heroic welcome in home Town Kigoma ahead of much anticipated Concert (photos)

The Love in Kigoma is Huge

WCB President Diamond accorded a heroic welcome in his home Town Kigoma ahead of much anticipated Concert (photos)

WCB President Diamond Platnumz was accorded a heroic welcome upon arrival in his home town Kigoma ahead of his much anticipated concert on 31st, December 2019.

Platnumz who travelled via train from Dar Es Salaam to Kigoma in company of other artistes in the Bongo Flava industry was forced to make several stops to greet his fans who had turned up at different Railways stations.

Arriving in Kigoma the Baba Lao hit maker was welcomed by a multitude, yearning to get a glimpse of their superstar who has been representing them worldwide for the past 10 years.

Blessings from Elders

Among those who were present at the Railway station to welcome Chibu Dangote, were Traditional elders from Kigoma.

The elders dressed the WCB CEO in traditional attires as a way of honouring him for returning home after six years.

On the other hand, youths carried placards, bearing Diamond’s name and pictures, praising him for flying high the Bongo Flava flag.

Diamond is expected to stage another Mega show on 31st December 2019 at Lake Tanganyika stadium in Kigoma to mark his 10 years in the Music Industry.

Making peace

For the past few weeks, Platnumz has been appreciating different people who have contributed to his career growth in one way or another, an act that saw him reconcile with people he was not in good terms with.

Among those Chibu Dangote made peace with include; Kifesi his former Photographer, Mwarabu Fighter his former Bodyguard, Q-Boy Msafi his former stylist, Papa Misifa the man who believed in him when he was nobody, and Bob Junior his former producer.

Decorated artiste

Diamond who has won numerous awards is considered the most influential and decorated artiste in East and Central Africa.

He became the first African artist to accumulate over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Those who accompanied Diamond to Kigoma include; Tanasha Donna, Esma Platnumz, Queen Darleen, Amber Lulu, Hadija Kopa, Dulla Makabila, Dudu Baya, Baba Levo, Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Nyando Tozy, TID, Jonijoo, Karen, Mzee wa Bwax, Young Lunya, Papa Misifa, Mwarabi Fighter, Noel, Aristote, Q Boy, Wolper, Linex Mjeda Bob Junior among others.



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