It was the worst time of my life – Diana Marua on life after giving birth to Heaven

Diana speaks!

It was the worst time of my life – Diana Marua on life after giving birth to Heaven

Singer Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has disclosed that the worst time of her life was after giving birth to her first born daughter Heaven.

Ms Marua said she fell into postpartum depression soon after, because of the people that were around her, noting that it does not only affect single mothers, as is highly assumed.

As most of you are aware, I’m a mum of three beautiful babies and I remember when I got Heaven, that was the worst time of my life literally coz I actually got postpartum depression… Most people think ati only single mothers undergo postpartum depression, yaani kunakuwanga na vitu mob zinaendelea around it. I had a husband, I had a nanny but let me tell you it’s not about having people around you and the people around you are not giving you support,” she said.

The mother of three added that at the time, her husband suddenly got busy and was coming home late from work.

Marua further stated that she was the only one left to take care of their little girl and would sometimes stay up late not knowing what to do.

I remember at that time, my husband nikama all of a sudden akaanza kuwa super busy, he’s coming home late, akifika home analala akikuambia vile asubuhi ako na meeting. 8 imefika umeshinda the whole night na mtoi, it can be hectic. Umebreast feed, umechange diapers, you’ve done everything and the baby is crying. You don’t know what to do,” said Diana Marua.

She reiterated that support from people around you is key at such times. Marua also mentioned that things got easy with their second child Majesty, because her husband is fully involved and is very supportive.


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