Why I fell out with Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura - Diana Marua

Mueni is not my daughter -Diana Marua explains

Diana Marua,  Bahati, Mueni  and Yvette Obura. Diana Marua reveals cause of her fall out with Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura

Diana Marua ,wife to singer Kevin Bahati has sought to clarify why she doesn’t acknowledge Mueni Bahati as her daughter on social media.

In a Q&A session on Diana’s Vlog, Bahati sought to find out how many kids Ms Marua has, a question that prompted her to explain why she rarely acknowledges Mueni Bahati as her daughter in public and her fall out with her mother Yvette Obura.

“How many kids do you have?" asked Bahati.

“I have four Kids?" replied Diana Marua.

Why Mueni is not my daughter on social media

Bahati interjected reminding her that she shared on social media stating that she only had three kids.

The confusion forced Ms Marua to clear that air saying; “Yes, unajua kuna social media na kuna real life, so social media kuna watu wamecreate their own life, like it’s another world that we live in. I have four kids in real life, that’s Morgan, Heaven, Majesty and Mueni that’s in real life. On social media I have three kids and the kids are Morgan, Heaven and Majesty. Do you know why? When we started dating you told me about Mueni and we had plans to get kids too, I wanted my kids to be out there coz my life is open”

Mama Mueni abused me

“If you remember I’m the one who even opened her (Mueni’s) Instagram and we took some photos, then you requested me to post a photo of her; and I did it clean heartedly coz you requested me na hakukua na issue. I remember after posting Mueni’s photo I was attacked, and I was like I wasn’t expecting this. Mama Mueni attacked me, her sister also attacked me. So that’s why Mueni is not my daughter on social media. Mueni is my daughter but that’s how I will put it,” said Diana Marua.

Following Mama Heaven’s explanation, Bahati wanted to know if she had forgiven his baby mama and if she was ready to meet her, a question she is yet to answer.

It was evident during their conversation that Mama Mueni and Diana are not in good terms and they have never met.


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