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DK Kwenye Beat's unexpected response after getting fat-shamed

Some even rudely asked the 'Asusu' singer if he was pregnant!

This kitambi business was brought about by a photo taken at NTV Uganda where the ‘Asusu’ singer looked plump.

Philip Etemesi wrote “DK Kwenye Beat is heavily pregnant. When is he holding a baby shower? He needs to do a maternity photo-shoot pia tuandike kwa blogs.” With Shiku Milcah adding “Lakini uyo chali amekaa apo Juu na white yote ni tumbo weeeee noma.”

Others begged him to hit the gym so that people may not start referring to him as the man with a small manhood aka kibamia.


jay_wemasepetu_damu wrote “Enyewe @dkkwenyebeat try to hit Gym please utaitwa yule msee wa kibamia mwanaume ni (eggplant emoji)kama unaeza loose weight itakuwa poa. please just advising though.”

Despite the harsh comments DK Kwenye Beat has remained upbeat and impressed many after having a hearty laugh over the mean comments.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. MY COUNTRY PEOPLE ATI MAMA SHIROOOOOOO UYU MSEE HAJANIAMBIA POA. #STAMINA DADDY” He wrote in response to a Mama Shiro meme of him circulating on social media.

DK is not the only celebrity who has been bullied over their weight; Kiss 100’s Lynda Nyangweso suffered a few years back from unremitting bullying over her weight.


But she had a snappy comeback for the critics who have since simmered down. “First *Linda Nyangweso*-not my name. Second: thank you for exposing your ugliness and pettiness behind your pseudonyms and trying to dampen my shine. it’s cool though #nothingbutlove .believe it or not, me being a big girl isn’t exactly news let alone Kenya’s best-kept secret. I have a music video and guess what, I’m in it.I have a Facebook profile and guess what, I’m on it. In full view of the world. Unashamed and beautifully and wonderfully made. I really could keep going but why should I? I’ve got bigger things to do and I am on the Christ side of life and I am way too blessed to stress. Third: if me waking up in the morning and loving who I am offends you, well tough! #gonnakeepshinning #wwjd #kiss100” She wrote.


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