Don't ever leave your man for cheating - Huddah's bold advice to women

Real Talk with Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe. Huddah Monroe's bold statement to women elicit mixed reactions

In a series of posts on Instagram, Ms Monroe advised women that they should never leave their men just because they cheated in their relationships.

“Don’t ever leave your man for cheating. Leave if he beating you (Domestic violence) also leave him if he has no brain to make money. You don’t want a dummy in your life” shared Huddah.

She added that for her case, a man can cheat but as long as he uses protection, she is cool with it.

“I tell my man, he can fuck whoever he wants. But make sure you use protection …and don’t fall in love. Give me all your babies and your emotions. We good. Men are visuals creatures! They must have sexual desires that you can’t satisfy no matter how good is your pussy is".

The Petite socialite added that ladies should not allow themselves to be house wives because it leads and idleness.

Don’t be a house wife

“Let them play as long as he doesn’t get babies outside or disease, and if he is cheating and he is broke leave him he soulsd cheat and put his brain to work. And also women, keep yourselves busy. Don’t be a house wife. Be a busy woman and you will have no time to think of your man cheating lol”

However, she mentioned that even women who desire other men apart from their spouse, should not limit themselves.

“And if you desire another man apart from your husband or boyfriend. Go ahead and cheat. Use protection, never let him know and don’t fall in love. We are human beings! Life is for living. Once you become open and real to yourself. Small problem’s won’t be affecting you. As a woman stay Focused on your path. Raise kids. Stay happy. Don’t stress Gal Child. Be Happy” says Huddah.

Huddah in Love

Ms Monroe is among celebrities who always speak their mind when it comes to relationships.

Recently, Huddah disclosed that she was in love but apparently couldn’t keep calm about the sex prowess of her man.


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