Anne Ngugi opens up about her nightmare after her husband was accused of swindling Kes 6.4 Million

Anne Ngugi was completely taken aback when she was sacked from K24 when she was only five months pregnant with twins. She alludes her dismissal from work to her husband’s quandary.

Anne Ngugi was the face of KTN Swahili 7 o’clock news until she moved to K24 to replicate what she was doing at the Mombasa Road-based TV station.

The former TV girl was among several other employees that were laid off when Media Max carried out a major shake-up.

In an interview with the Nairobian, Anne revealed K24 fired her when she was heavily pregnant with twins.

“I was sacked by Mediamax when I was five months pregnant with twins. I never imagined losing a job like that. I always thought that I was in control, but it happened. I have moved on from that. It was a learning experience. My life changed a lot. I used to earn a good salary and could afford a good life. I have had to make adjustments in my life, but we are fine.” Anne revealed.

She explained finding another job was a mountain to climb since no one wanted to hire her. The ex K24 anchor attributed her predicament to her husband’s case in court.

Anne’s husband, Hypolite Nyongbia, was accused of swindling Kes 6.4 Million from two Korean and a Nigerian national.

She was also implicated in the scandal and that explains why employers were reluctant to hire her in their organizations.

Anne managed to secure a job with Africa News channel as a correspondent. From a news anchor to a correspondent sure that’s a step backward.


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