Dr Ofweneke on his last days with the mother at KNH

"She died about four hours after I left"

Dr Ofweneke

Kenyan comedian Sande Bush popularly known as Dr. Ofweneke has opened up about his last days with his late mother Lilian Stellah Sande at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and why he regrets he did not forgive her.

In a recent Interview with a local daily, Dr. Ofweneke disclosed that every time he thinks about his late mother, he sheds tears because he failed to forgive her at a time she had asked for forgiveness.

“I still have that image of her in my mind, lying on that bed, struggling to get that statement out to ask for forgiveness. I was still mad. I did not know that she was literally in the last stages of her life. I just told her I would see her tomorrow. I did not know ‘tomorrow’ she would be in heaven.’ She died about four hours after I left,” said Ofweneke.

According to the Thursday Night Live host on KTN, his mother separated with his father when he was just two weeks old and he had to be taken in by his grandmother who was staying in Mbotela by that time.

After growing up, he decided to look for his mother who was working in Industrial area to try and work-over their relationship. They reconciled while he was in High school and kept in touch for about four years before she died.

“I do not know what happened between my parents but my mother left when I was a week old. My dad took me to my grandmother’s place in Mbotela. We moved to Huruma, Dandora. I am not very emotional, but when she saw me, she hugged me while crying for 30 minutes,” remembers Ofweneke.

In September last year Ofweneke penned down special message to his late mother saying "when I think of you I shed a tear because of how much love you show me. Mum, I might never tell you as often, but when I think of you I shed a tear because of how much love you show me. The first person to ever believe in my talent as a comedian right from high school. You have never doubted me at any point. You have trusted me”.


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