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Dr Ofweneke talks about co-parenting with Nicah as he cautions ladies

Our broken marriage got nothing to do with the kids- Dr Ofweneke

Dr.Ofweneke with Nicah the Queen

Media Personality Dr. Ofweneke has stated that his broken marriage got nothing to do with his kids and that’s why he has embraced co-parenting with baby mama Nicah the Queen.

The KTN presenter mentioned that whenever couples breakup and children are involved, they should always create a clean environment for the well-being of their young ones despite their differences.

He cautioned women who deny kid’s access to their father once the relationship comes to an end.


Broken Marriage got nothing to do with the Kids

“Someone reported this post and it was pulled down and am like if the shoe fits wear it, Listen, the reason why my daughters are happy is because their mum and I are friends and we have agreed that our broken marriage got nothing to do with the kids, That they can be at mum’s for as long as they wish and they can be at dad’s as long as they wish either, Both of you have to be selfless to make sure the kids have a clean environment away from the toxic atmosphere for them to have a happy upbringing, You don’t love that guy anymore but let the kids love their dad same you don’t love that lady anymore but let those kids love their mum, If there is any truth to be known at the right time they will” shared Dr. Ofweneke.

Oga Obinna's take

On the other hand, comedian Oga Obinna also shared a similar post, explaining that so many kids grow up thinking they have a deadbeat father, but in real sense all they had was a bitter mother.


“So many kids grow up thinking they have a deadbeat father….whole time, all they really had was a very bitter mother” wrote Oga Obinna.

He added that he knows a number of celebrities who have been denied access to their kids just because of the differences they had with their mother.

Shame on You

“For those kids who grew up hating their fathers and those mothers who are currently denying their baby daddy's a chance to see their kids out there take heart. Some Ladies are doing great injustice to their babies thinking they are hurting the dad. I know at-least 3 celebrities who are going through a such situation and so I've decided to share this here to whom it may concern. I know so many responsible fathers who have been exposed as dead-beat just coz society is biased and lacks facts so boychild always suffers the humiliation in blogs and social media. You are Hurting your Child woman.If you are a Deadbeat dad..SHAME ON YOU!! If you are such a mother who denies their baby daddy a chance to see their child because of your ego..SHAME ON YOU. One day your own child will despise you. If you are a good father and is being denied their child Take heart if life allows one day you will explain to a mature lady what really happened” reads part of the post.


Obinna's Post


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