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6 things you need to remember about E-sir 15 years after his death

Rest in power E-Sir

It is an unequivocal fact that E-Sir is one of Kenya's most universally loved musicians.

His short lived career helped carve the musical landscape and opened the way for more contemporary forms of music- particularly hip hop.


Not much is known about the enigmatic musician. With his trademark bandana and durag, E-Sir was also a bit of a trend setter.

As part of the revolutionary pioneers who helped morph Kenyan music to create some timeless tunes, E-Sir will forever be revered for his talent.

Having passed away at only 22 and with only one album, Nimefika, to his name E-sir's immortality is nigh unquestionable.

But there are a few things we have to remember about the man, other than his music.

1. He was an award winning artist


Through his brief tenure, E-Sir won three Kisima Awards in 2003.

  • Nimefika

He was also nominated at the Kora Awards 2003 for Best East African Artist and in the 2004 Tanzania Music Awards for Best East African Album Nimefika.

2. He would have been 37 this May

E-Sir was born in May 1981 to a Kenyan mother Damaris Wangui and a Tanzanian father Amin Mmari. He was born and raised in Nairobi's California Estate.


The Moss Moss singer passed away while leaving Afraha Stadium in Nakuru where he was performing to promote his album. His friend and musical collaborator, Nameless, was also in the car with him and survived the accident. 

3. He is a Brookehouse alumn

According to Nairobi News, he attended St. Anne's Junior Academy then later went to Brookehouse Senior School where he honed his talent.

4. He has a younger brother who is also a rapper


Habib has been in the music industry for a while. His collaboration with his brother "Fever" is still a banger to anyone who was older than 10 in the early 2000s.

5. He became a star by "accident"

Nairobi News reports that E-Sir's debut performance is owed to Evans Odhiambo Ombajo, a former Nairobi councillor and talent manager. In early 1999, one of Ombajo's musicians who was scheduled to perform in Mombasa failed to turn up.

After the star failed to show up, E-Sir who had only been added to the roster as an afterthought, was ushered on to the stage and the crowd went wild.

6. Nimefika was released posthumously


These are the tracks on the album which was produced by Ogopa DJs.


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