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I met her in Cape Town - Butita addresses claims of dating Sadia & viral chopper photo

Eddie Butita also addressed the viral chopper photo in which he was pictured with Sadia in a chopper

Eddie Butita

Kenyan comedian and script writer Eddie Butita has addressed claims that he dated content creator Sadia Said.

Reports alleging that the pair was dating surfaced in 2023 and were catalyzed by a birthday message in which Said celebrated Butita who she hailed as “the most amazing human”, accompanying the same with heart emojis.

"Happy Birthday to the most amazing human. You have taught me a lot and I’m really grateful to be a part of you. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. Cheers to many more laughs and beautiful moments," read Said’s message.

A viral photo of Butita sharing a chopper ride with the diva added to the speculation that the pair was dating.


Responding to the claims, Butita opened up on how they met and defined the nature of their relationship.

The SPM buzz CEO noted in an interview with Oga Obinna that contrary to the claims, they did not date.

He clarified that they are just friends and people who saw them hanging out decided to coin a narrative which gained traction claiming that they were dating.

"I did not date her. We were just hanging out but people decided to share a narrative that we are dating.” Butita stated.


Butita addresses sharing a chopper with Sadia and meeting in Cape Town

ChopperThe content creator downplayed photos of the chopper ride, insisting that the photos which showed him sharing a chopper ride with the diva should not be taken out of context.

Sharing a chopper with someone is just like sitting beside someone in a matatu...I met her in Cape Town." Butita stated.

The pair met in Cape Town and struck a close friendship that according to Butita’s explanation, saw some interpret it as dating, allegations which he has since put to rest.


Butita's rise and loan from Churchill

Butita is among several media personalities and content creators who credit their success to the iconic Churchill Ndambuki who has provided a platform, support and mentorship to a number of notable personalities in the entertainment industry.

"Happy Birthday Mwalimu Churchill, my destiny helper the first person to employ me as Head of Digital Laugh Industry at 21 years old first comedy opportunity at 18 years old creative director at 23 years old.

You gave me the first loan to organise an event at 24 na nikalipa by the way, and that was the beginning of greatness. You deserve a chapter in my book, as you grow older I learn one important lesson from you," Butita wrote while celebrating Churchill’s birthday.


Butita noted that Churchill's mentorship and support to allowed him to grow in the entertainment sector, and this success opened doors for others to participate in the industry adding that he has over 30 people working directly and indirectly with him.

He shared that these individuals have all been indirectly influenced by Churchill's willingness to give him a chance in the comedy industry.


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