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Babu Owino asks Kenyans for forgiveness

The Legislator has decided to Usher in the New year on a different note.

The legislator took his social media, to ask for forgiveness from all the people he wronged last year.

“All those I wronged last year may you forgive me, all those who wronged me I have forgiven you in Jesus name.” Reads Babu Owino’s

Several arrests


Babu Owino’s previous year was full of drama, after being arrested several on allegations of incitement and hate speech.

During the swearing in ceremony in Parliament last year, Babu took oath in the name of NASA Leader Raila Odinga where he was forced to repeat his oath.

On several occasions the MP left Kenyans in stitches with his funny statements in regard to different scenarios across the country.

On Dec 28, Owino ignited an endless discussion on social media with his advice on marriage.


"Irreducible minimums"

He added that Lust doesn't care if you are married or single and therefore if one does not exercise caution he or she will end up in destruction.

In another post last Year, Babu send out “irreducible Mininums” to Kenyan Banks in order for him to open a CDF account with them.

The legislator had requested the Banks to employee at least 10 people from his constituency before they can transact business.

After a few hours, Babu confirmed that four banks had adhered to his “Irreducible Mininums” and they were ready to do business with his constituency.  The move by the four Banks left Babu Owino confused and spoilt of choices.


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