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Emotional moment as Jalang’o & Njoro break down as they pay tribute to Papa Shirandula (Video)

The three held the special tribute for Papa on Bonga Na Jalas

Jalang'o and Njoro

On Wednesday, Comedian Jalang'o brought together his two best friends in the industry Captain Oyoyo and Njoro for a special edition on Bonga Na Jalas to pay tribute to the late Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula.

The three lads who worked together sometime back, had some very emotional moments on the show reminiscing the good old days when Papa was alive and how instrumental he was in their lives.

At some point Jalang’o and Njoro broke down in tears narrating how Papa elevated their acting careers and how they will miss him now that he is no more.


Papa gave us the Names we use (Jalang'o and Otoyo)

In their conversation, Jalang’o and Captain Otoyo disclosed that the stage names they use (Jalang’o and Otoyo) were given to them by Papa Shirandula when they joined the Show as Wilbrioda’s brothers at that particular time.

“So I call Papa’s Number and somebody else picks, I think ni Dada ya Beatrice Papa’s wife and tells me I know why you are calling Jalas, we lost Papa this morning. I did not even think twice; I went straight to Karen Hospital. When we got to Karen Hospital I got akina Wilbrioda and Awinja already there and nobody is allowed to see Paps. But we talked to one guy there and he agreed us to see Paps. Then I went to see Paps, at that point Wilbroda and Awinja lost it, nobody is allowed to cry in Karen Hospital but you can’t hold yourself. You have just seen your mentor the guy who gave you life. If not for him there would be no Otoyo, no Jalang’o and Njoro today. I have seen Papa and confused,” said Jalang’o and then he was unable to holds back his tears.


Njoro joined the conversation trying to explain how unfortunate it was to bury Papa Shirandula in such a hurried way, but emotions got over him and he started to shed tears.

Njoro also disclosed that he met with Papa, back in 1998 and they have worked together since then until recently when he passed on.

“Papa was not a friend to me he was a brother to me wakati nilikuwa na mashida nyumbani nilikuwa nikipigia Papa akuje aongee na bibi yangu mambo inakamilika. Papa alikuwa anasolve shida zangu za nyumbani. Second in terms of investments tulikuwa tunainvest na Papa tunaulizana sasa wife nikimuongezea hii project atakuwaje,” said Njoro.



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