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Jalang’o introduces first Presenter for Jalang’o TV (Photos)

So happy you joined the team -Jalang'o

Jalang'o and Daniel Weke

Media Personality cum Comedian Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o is gearing up to make his YouTube Channel and fully functional TV station and has brought in Daniel Weke as his first Presenter.

On Wednesday, Jalang’o announced that Weke had joined his team as the host of "Jalang’o on the Streets" a new segment on his Online TV.

“Guys let me introduce you to @danielweke, JALANGO TV first host !! So happy you joined the team! Watch him today at 1pm hosting JalangoTv on the street's!!

Welcome @danielweke shared Jalang’o.


Online TV station

Before joining Jalang’o TV, Daniel Weke used to work for Switch TV. He has also worked at Ebru TV and acted in a number of Local TV programs.

In June, the Kiss 100 presenter disclosed that he was in the process of transforming his YouTube Channel into an Online TV station that will create employment opportunities to other talented youth.


Jalang'o TV

“With how the YouTube Channel is growing so fast, what if we make it even Bigger. Bonga na Jalas and the interviews that I do, becomes a segment in the YouTube Channel, then from you guys who watch and you think you have talent, we can have somebody do news, sports, comedians, Reviews. So that we can create opportunity for other people who wish to have themselves on Jalang’o TV.

"So on Jalang’o TV we have interviews, sports, music, just like a TV station always run. It will be an opportunity to give so many others youth who have talent and have always wanted to showcase themselves…so we just create a Jalang’o TV and move on. Advertisers have started coming on board…if you want us to advertise something for you so that we are able to pay salaries of those who will be presenters well and good. So that Bonga na Jalas is not just about me, it’s about all of us and we create the number one Kenya Online Television on YouTube. I will give a number where you send 1-minute clip of you doing your thing and we will put it out here and we get our Jalang’o TV hosts,” announced Jalang’o.

Photos of Jalang'o TV's New Presenter Daniel Weke


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