Comedian makes fun of Jomo Kenyatta's fiancée in the worst way (photo)

Last weekend, Jomo Kenyatta junior and his wife-to-be Achola Ngobi celebrated the last traditional rite in the Kikuyu traditional ceremony ‘Itara’. This went down at Kenyatta’s rural family home in Ichaweri village in Gatundu South, Kiambu.

Achola and Jomo

The Itara is the only ceremony that takes place in the man’s house where the lady visits her fiancé’s home for the first time and is shown where she will be sleeping when she comes to visit among other things.

As expected, the event was an invite only affair attended by the who- is-who in society including Defence Cabinet Secretary Rachel Omamo, Kiambu Women Representative, Ann Nyokabi (President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin), Muhuho Kenyatta senior and other dignitaries.

Locals who were curious about the event were kept in a separate compound and given a big screen from which they could watch the ceremony.

As expected of such a high-profile event, few photos made it to social media. But there is one that has people talking with some commenting that the bride-to-be looked like Eric Omondi.

Omondi forever the entertainer, jumped on the trend and actually took a photo mimicking the couple, check it out below:


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