Eric Omondi speaks on his wedding with Chantal Grazioli

Harusi tunayo hatuna!

Eric Omondi speaks on his wedding with Chantal Grazioli

Award winning comedian Eric Omondi made fun of Mwalimu Churchill’s remarks after he asked him when he was going to marry his alleged ex-girlfriend Chantal Grazioli.

It is not yet clear whether the comedian and Miss Chanty are an item, since they have been constantly confusing online in-laws with break up and make up posts.

“By the way watu wanauliza harusi ni lini, so many people are asking” posed Churchill to Eric on a special edition of Churchill show dubbed Eric Omondi’s journey.

Omondi chose to cheekily answer the question saying that weddings are usually held on Saturday adding that most of them are held in Karen.

He also revealed that Miss Chanty was doing okay.

Harusi inakuanga Saturday most of them zinakuanga Saturday ukienda hapo Karen kuna harusi nyingi sana. Harusi yangu ni harusi ya wakenya. Sasa hapa chini mnaeza eka ile kitu ya watu kutuma pesa tuchange hii kitu ikue ni marriage yetu si wote. Chantelle ako poa “ said Eric.

The last time Chantal talked about the Big Tyme Entertainment CEO was when she was wishing him a happy birthday.

In the message,the beauty thanked Eric for always supporting her saying he will always be her red headed mess and her best friend.

"Let's scream Happy Birthday to this awesome man!! we have grown old together even if we have our ups and downs we always manage to fix things, thank you for always supporting me in everything i do, am so proud of you make sure you always stay the strong happy smart and wonderful man i know!! You will always be my #redheadedmess and best friend first! Happy birthday again boo boo and to many more to come 💯😘💕" read Chantal's post.

The best thing you ever gave me was Zahari

Media Personality Jacque Maribe also posted a beautiful message to him on the same day he was celebrating his birthday.

Ms Maribe showered the funny man with praises, confessing that the best thing that he ever gave her was their son Zahari adding that one day she would talk about their life.

“The best thing you ever gave me was Zahari, and for that I am forever grateful to you. As you celebrate your birthday (later with us tonight) we remind you that you are an important piece of the puzzle that is our life. Happy birthday @ericomondi and I'll put up that long post alert of our life one day like you said,” reads Maribe’s message.


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