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Diamond is not himself right now- Esma Platnumz explains

The way i know my brother, i can say he is not okay at all- Esma Platnumz

Esma told a Tanzanian media outlet Dizzim online, that Diamond needs a lot of time to reconnect and find himself then decide whether to go seek Zari’s forgiveness or look for another woman to marry further adding that ‘Diamond anatamani ndoa.’

She pointed out the incident where Diamond shared a video while cuddling with Hamisa Mobetto and one other woman of Indian origin. She termed Diamond's move to post two women at a go as something that cannot be done by someone who is okay.

Family in Pain


The woman who is famed for her ‘Kitenge’ business stated that the family is pained but they will leave him to have his time and make his own decisions.

Possible cause of stress

One of the reasons Diamond is stressed according to his sister is that he doesn’t have a woman to wash his clothes, cook for him, can’t see his children after work the way things were when he still dated Zari Hassan.

During the interview with Dizzim online, Esma further disclosed that there are only two women whom Diamond has dated with pride; Wema Sepetu and Zari Hassan.

She further encouraged women out there to slow down and let their men be the ones to decide on the woman they date reiterating that, “Kujitangaza ni kujizalilisha.”


“Mwanaume anayekupenda siyo wewe ndio ujitangaze yeye ndiye wa kukutangaza na ujulikane kwa watu wengine wewe ndio mke wake.”

Diamond and Zari

Before Zari and Diamond parted ways, he was always proud of her and tagged her along in most of his daily tours. They could go for vacations and post every moment of it on social media. The boss lady dumped the ‘African beauty’ Star on Valentine’s Day citing unfaithfulness as the cause.

‘Iyena’ music video


The former love birds however shocked many after Diamond dropped a new music video dubbed ‘Iyena’ where he featured Zari as the bride in the clip. His fans were impressed and confused at the same time as to whether they have reconciled and back together.

The video has so far garnered 2 million views on YouTube and is trending at number one on the same platform.


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