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Celebrity barber George Dufanda and girlfriend take over the Internet with Steamy photos of baby bump photo shoot

Its the season!

Celebrity Barber George Dufanda and girlfriend take over the Internet with Steamy photos of Baby Bump photoshoot

Talented Kenyan celebrity Barber George Dufanda took the internet by storm after he shared photos of a baby bump photo shoot of he and his girlfriend Sarah Mukami.

George who is known for his artistic and jaw-dropping hairstyles and Sarah are expecting twins.

He took to Instagram to praise and shower her with love as he reminisced the three years they have been together. The barber commended her for her amazing personality, a trait that made her beautiful both inside and out.


“I literally cannot believe it... God has kept us and held us together and for that I’m grateful... I love this woman because she epitomized selfless love... Her heart was bigger than her sexy frame and her smile was timeless... She was always transparent and kept it real with me... She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen both inside and out... Since Day 1, I knew she was my love The way she carried herself, her love for God... I needed that... God knew I needed her and He was spot on when He showed me this jewel... As I began to know her it became very clear to me I couldn’t live another year without telling her how I love her ❤️ ( it wasn’t easy 😂 am a shy guy)... " said the barber.

Dufanda went ahead to reveal that they have experienced hardships in their relationships but what made them overcome them is the fact that they always stayed together. He revealed that he has changed because of having an amazing partner who has always prayed for him.

"Three years is definitely a milestone... We have accomplished a lot together and we’ve been through a lot together... The key word is TOGETHER... I remember early on in our relationship... people would ask why we were together all the time... We stayed on the phone throughout the day (and still do) and we always made time for each other... This was not only intentional but necessary... We both knew that we could not leave room for the devil to try to sneak in any crack to tear us apart... Plus, we love each other so much that being apart is just weird...🤣" added the young man.

"If you really know us... you know we don’t sugarcoat anything lol... We’re real people who deal with real stuff... We have fun and laugh A LOT but there are moments we argue... in a healthy way... and it’s because we’d rather share our feelings rather than hide them... We learned that hiding how we really feel just leads to more problems... We’re nowhere near perfect but I can assure you... we’re perfect for each other... The past 3 years have been incredible... I am not the same man I was 3 years ago and that’s because I have an amazing Partner ❤️ who prays for me continuously and pushes me to be all of who God has called me to be... She’s my life... She’s going to be the mother of my babies 💙💖BLESSING & MIRACLE... She’s everything I knew she would be since the first time I laid eyes on her... I love you @sara_kamy"


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