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Our first matching tattoo - Georgina Njenga flaunts matching tattoo with new lover

I can't say much but he makes me happy. We already had our first matching tattoo - Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njenga

After parting ways with Tyler Mbaya aka Baha, Georgina Njenga has teased her fans with the new man in her life, revealing that they have their first matching tottoo.

To cement their love, Georgina and her new love interest got matching tattoos which she shared with her fans on Instagram.

The diva shared a video on Instagram showing ink job in progress and proudly showing two hands.

She celebrated acquiring the first tatoo with her new love interest whose identity she failed to reveal despite fans urging her to reveal the identity of the man in question.


"Can you tell us who the new guy is," asked one fan.

Georgina responded noting that she cannot say much for now, only that her new man makes her happy.

"I can't say much but he makes me happy. We already had our first matching tattoo btw," the mother of one responded.

During an Instagram Q&A session with her fans on Thursday July 13, Georgina confirmed that she had broken up with Tyler, adding that this was the last time she was going to address this issue.


During the Q&A, one of Georgina's fans asked if she and Tyler were still together.

In response, she candidly stated, "No. We broke up."

"We broke up. I am in a new relationship with a new man," she emphasized after yet another fan asked the same question.

Opening up on her new-found love, Georgina admitted that she never knew such a profound love existed before and expressed her contentment, stating that she is in a good place emotionally.


"This is a different type of love. I never knew such love existed before, to be honest. I am in a good place," she added.

Georgina and Tyler met in early 2020 and moved in together shortly afterwards and were blessed with one child.


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