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NTV’s Grace Ekirapa reveals worst rumors about her

Here is the truth

In an exclusive interview with Pulse Live Kenya, the celebrated presenter said that the worst rumors she could count was two.

Ekirapa said that the first one was when blogs wrote that she only had a single pair of shoes. She went ahead and explained that she had a deep cut on her leg when they were supposed to do the photo shoot for Crossover 101 relaunching and she had the cut covered with a bandage and she could not change shoes as she changed clothes.

“My leg was cut on the morning of the shoot and so I had to have an Elastoplast, which meant I couldn’t change shoes because the Elastoplast would be seen and guess what they would have said, Ameweka makaratasi kwa viatu. So the only thing I could do was to wear the one pair of shoe because it could cover the Elastoplast,” she said.


The Sifa singer said that the second rumor she has heard about herself was that she had a relationship with her co-host DJ Mo outside of their work because of their outstanding work chemistry.

She added that she is work mates with DJ Mo and good friends as well“Mo and I are great friends and it’s only unfair for you to try and break someone else’s family because of rumors and please let us all speak out of knowledge,” she said.

Grace Ekirapa however said that she did not get hurt when she saw the rumors but she laughed instead.


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