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Gukena FM presenter MC Kajim & wife Wambui announce pregnancy


Gukena FM radio presenter MC Kajim and his wife Wambui

Gukena FM radio presenter MC Kajim and his wife Wambui are expecting a child together.

The couple shared news about the pregnancy on their YouTube channel, revealing that a baby is on the way.

Wambui shared that she has been sick and was suspecting a pregnancy as all the symptoms mirrored what she had in her first pregnancy.

"I was sick the week before Valentine's. I am still not feeling OK, I am suspecting something but I want to be sure. I want to take a pregnancy test because I am losing weight, like I did with my first pregnancy." Wambui noted.


The test confirmed that the mother of one had mixed feelings and was excited as she looked forward to sharing the news with her husband.

"I do not know whether to be happy, whether to scream or cry. But I can't wait to tell my husband." She shared.

The presenter was excited upon receiving the news, with the couple sharing that although they planned to get a second child, they did not expect the pregnancy to come this soon.


'I only thought that you were tired." the host of the morning show on Gukena FM.

"He would leave work, pass by home for a change of clothes, and still find me sleeping. We had planned for a second child but I did not expect it this soon." Wambui added.

MC Kajim comes through for needy student

The good news is the latest blessing to the couple that has also been blessing others.

Most recently, the radio presenter came through for young David Gitau Muhia, from Gatundu, whose dream of joining Form One was threatened by financial constraints.


Despite scoring an impressive 379 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary of Education (KCPE) exams, David's future hung in the balance due to his family's dire economic situation.

David shared the challenges his family faced with the compelling narrative attracting MC Kajim’s attention.

The Gukena FM presenter intervened to ensure David's educational aspirations would not be curtailed.

Visiting the family in Gatundu, MC Kajim not only provided essential groceries but also shouldered the responsibility of securing school supplies for the determined young student.

“I am here today since I saw our area on social media, and I wanted to assure you that since a child belongs to the society, this boy shall be educated,” MC Kajim affirmed, expressing his commitment to making a tangible difference in David's life.


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