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Joe Mwangi threatened me after being exposed - Wendy Waeni's mother reveals

Wendy exposed ex-manager Joe Mwangi for being a con!

Joe Mwangi threatened me after being exposed - Wendy Waeni's mother reveals (Citizen TV)

14 year-old gymnast Wendy Waeni’s mother Magdalene Syombua has spoken for the first time, after her daughter exposed former manager Joe Mwangi for being a con.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Ms Syombua said that people who know her as Wendy’s mother have been asking her why she still lives in Huruma, despite her daughter being well known across the world.

According to her, Joe promised to find shows for the young gymnast from 2014, when he became the manager and when she asked if all the trips they made performing for presidents and other dignitaries had any form of appreciation, Mwangi said that they were not paid and they were only popularizing Wendy’s art.


Aliniambia atakuwa anamtafutia show na atakuwa anaenda anaperform akijulikana atajua vile atakuwa anafanya kazi nay eye. Nilifika mahali nikamuuliza huku kwote kwenye huwa mnaenda hakuna hata zawadi inapatikana pale akaniambia huu muda wote walikuwa wanafanya kama kumtangaza na hakuna kitu wanapata,” said Ms Syombua.

She further narrated how the former manager called and threatened her after Wendy Waeni exposed him on Citizen TV’s #JKLive show on Wednesday night.

She also stated that all along, Joe never wanted Waeni’s story to get to the media.

Hakuwa anataka story ya Wendy itoke pale nje, so nilibaki nimenyamaza sasa sahii vile mambo imelipuka amenitishia, amesema hata hio passport hatalipia huyo mwenye alitupeleka Citizen ashugulikie mambo yote ya Wendy na hataki kusikia tena,” said Wendy’s mother.


Exposes Joe Mwangi

Wendy who appeared on Citizen TV’s JKLive shared her heartbreaking story of being exploited by the former manager Joe Mwangi and being raised by a single mother.

She explained that Joe Mwangi took all the money from all her performances, as she never got even a single penny despite touring the world to showcase her talent.


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