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The hits & misses: Opinion divided as Azeezah & Guda Man host first 10/10 show

Azeezah (Aziza Hashim) and Guda Man made their debut on 10/10 show with netizens giving their verdict

Azeezah (Aziza Hashim) and Guda Man

The dynamic duo of Azeezah (Aziza Hashim) and Guda Man gave 10over10 show on Citizen TV a new lease of life when they made their maiden appearance after they were unveiled as the show’s permanent hosts.

Their chemistry on air and the energy as they brought the show to life gave the audience something that had been missing as Citizen TV embarked on a long search for the previous show host, Willys Raburu’s replacement.

With an impressive lineup of guest artiste and social media personalities who graced the show, the duo got down to the business of serving the best of entertainment.

Teaming up with Azeezah, Guda Man fired up the crowd with a brief introductory performance before unveiling Angie the Twerker aka Mama Liam and Nduta Mwega who were among guests at the show.


Azeezah who wears many hats brought all of them to the show, giving the audience an unrivalled experience of her in action as s dancer, a TV host and a deejay.

With the crowd cheering in agreement, Guda Man declared Azeezah the best female host in the country, with a section of netizens in agreement as sampled in the comments below.

Kisae Fire: The Team behind this production weuh, Kweli nyinyi ndio citizen Citizen TV Kenya simply the best

Ken Quiz: 10over 100 ni moto


Patiz Patiz: Streaming live from Doha Qatar ,show iko lit

OSCAR the Juggler: The best of best GUDAH MAN

Himizo Wycliffe Owino: New look, new style of hosting....muoto sana. I love this combination

Kennedy M Gitahi: This is itwanafit


Willy Raburu's shadow

A quick look on social media shows the prominent shadow of Willis Raburu looming in the background with a section of the audience struggling to move on and holding that he was a natural fit for the show.

Wakili Salmah Ochieng: WILLIS Rabiru was top notch, naturally with zero efforts brought lively hype to this show, shot the standards up above and beyond and no one will ever match that

Philipp Miles Jr.: Raburu willis can't be replaced that easily


Charls Cescky: Too much noise,,Willis was and still is a force

Lily Kanyi: I prefer Willis Raburu,,the show had a lot of noise

Elphas Sany Diego: Bazuuu forever in our memories ,, Willis....

Micah Daddie: Willis Raburu is irreplaceable for 10/10

Fa Ith: Wafunge to hii show let them look for another content. Hii ilienda na Willis,the only show that has ever survived after the original starter quit is the trend..that's even a miracle.


Critics give their verdict

A section of netizens too weighed with their criticism noting that the show failed to live up to their expectations despite the hype.

Gaky Mwiti: Too much noise

Kevin Sulah Opunga: Unnecessary noise

Abdallah Saddam: This show is lit..if u don't like it..go and host..


Kharizeh Khayah: Unnecessary noise

Ratemo Vinnie Sane: Noise here


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