How Wizkid’s concert went down in Nakuru (Photos)

If you missed, you missed!!

Revelers from different parts of the country showed up at Afraha stadium to have a good time and interact with their favorite celebrities who were lined up to perform.

Gates opened at around 6pm, allowing party people to secure their preferred spots that could enable them enjoy the performance without any struggles.

The show was opened by a set of Djs who played all genres of music creating a perfect mood to unwind for the night.

The performance list had musicians like: Fena Gitu, Le Band, Ethic crew,  Khaligrah Jones,  Vivian Kenya and Wizkid.

Ethic crew

The ethic crew were the first curtain raisers on stage singing their famed Lamba Lolo tune and Position.

Le Band

Kenyan boys band Le Band turned up on stage with a great performance and good ability to utilize the stage.

They sang a number of Kenyan old school renditions that left the crowd singing all through before embarking on their own compositions.

Fena Gitu

Being a great performer,  Fenamenal woman did not disappoint as she sang all her big tunes, with a signature of her latest song Sijaskia vibaya which she featured comedian Njugush.

Songs that Fena sang also included; Do her thing.

Vivian Kenya

Being her home ground, Vivian Kenya was among the two queens on the list of Curtain Raisers at this year’s Katika Festival. The beautiful and sexy Vivian kicked off her performance with her latest tune “Talk to Me”.

Vivian performed a good number of her songs – Chum Chum, Charm feat Jose Chamelone, chingi Changa among others.

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones also known by his stage name Papa Jones, entertained the crowd with his best tunes among them, Ngori, Mazishi, Omollo, Hiyo Doo, Toa Tint, Mat za Ronga featuring Tunji among others.


Being the main act of the night star Boy aka Soco master gave an electrifying performance leaving the crowd Yearning for more.

Wizkid sang a good number of his hit songs among them: Soco,  Malo, Daddy Yo, Manya, fever, Energy, Ojuelegba among others.

However, Wizkid’s perfomnce was rocked with lots of Sound issues forcing him to opt for Band performance. The sound issues persisted for the better part of his stage time, making Star Boy not to entertain as expected.

The MC's of the night were: comedian Felix oduor aka Jalango, Fred Omondi , Dr. Ofweneke and Talia Oyando


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