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Huddah claps back after Vera Sidika embarrassed Kenyan ladies

Your family still lives in the SLUMS - Huddah lashed out.

And so you cannot rely on your nether regions to put food on your plate forever. So for her, working overtime is her ticket to riches as selling your body is overrated.

“Overworking cos sleeping with men for money is overrated. If you have to, get in, get out, go do ya thing. You can’t be a h*e forever.It’s just sad h*es calling other h*es broke when their family is still in the slums! Shame!”

A comment that was seen as a jab at Vera since she recently called Kenyan ladies basic broke b**ches who are jealous of her jet-setting lifestyle.


Huddah then went on to urge Kenyan ladies not to be intimidated or discouraged by people who hawk their vajs from continent to continent.

Another shot people claimed was aimed at Vera as she has been travelling from continent to continent with her recent travels being to Lagos Nigeria, U.S.A and the Maldives which is located on the continent of Asia.

“Don’t ever let b**ches sleeping with men for money from continent to continent talk you down! Okay, ladies? Pride comes before a fall. Life humbles people. Give it time. I’ve seen people who were better than me doing badly. I have seen people doing worse than me doing better than me.”

The founder of Huddah Cosmetics then revealed that she had initially decided to be silent about the issue but sometimes it’s good to speak up.


“ Sometimes you want to mind your own business but some things its best to talk reality. address them especially when a lot of people are hurt.” She wrote.

The petite businesswoman then added that the post was not aimed at anybody but she knows that it will have some people rattled. People she referred to as *p*ssy hawkers*.


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