Huddah Monroe reveals the struggle she went through after parting ways with her wealthy ex

Rich men just use and dump and on to the next. Like you never existed - Huddah Monroe

But the 2017 Huddah is not the Huddah we knew 4 years back, she has dropped her trips and a bit of her social media drama and focused on her Huddah Cosmetics business which is really popular among the millennials.

Huddah revealed that the reason she chose to get her life together and build herself was when she realized that although sponsors may pay for awesome trips, many of them just want to use you and do not really want you to progress.

“Most rich men just use and dump and on to the next. Like you never existed, they leave you feeling like you ain’t sh*t. When you are the sh*t. I’m the sh*t. So I had to cut that sh*t and think of exactly what I wanted.” She revealed.

The petite beauty also disclosed that most of her travels abroad were sponsored by men “The truth of the matter is that when I used to travel a lot I was living under a man’s pocket or men I dated and I didn’t have any development. Only fun. Then I realized that sh*t is getting me wasted. It’s a lot of young and beautiful women being born daily.”

But life without the men who funded her lifestyle proved to be rather difficult as she had squandered all her money and could not afford those expensive trips she enjoyed anymore now that she was single again. “I always travelled business and first class. When I broke up with one dude, I could not afford my own business class, I had squandered all my money. So I sat down and thought to myself how long will this go on? I have to be the captain of my own ship. I had to cancel all those fake stupid trips that depended on a man and focus on me.”


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