Huddah Monroe offers to bailout man who assaulted police officer at Milimani Law Courts

Someone DM his details Please -Huddah

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Socialite Huddah Monroe is in search of details of a man identified as Daniel Njonjo Mwangi who assaulted a police officer by head butting him at Milimani Law courts, while resisting to be taken in on grounds of being unable to raise a Sh20, 000 bail.

On the material day, Mwangi had just been released on a Sh20, 000 cash bail after denying a charge of conspiracy to commit a felony. It took the intervention of more police officers to retrain him.

Upon seeing the video of Mwangi’s tribulations, Ms Monroe offered to help him raise the bail money so that he can be set free.

Bail him out

“What’s this man’s bail amount? I would like to help him. Someone please please DM me his details. I’m so sad. This is not fair. I cried so hard. You can tell this man is innocent… I really want to Bail him out! Let him go back to his family and his ailing mother. I have seen the video a week later. And I can’t stop crying. Innocent and poor are being oppressed daily and harassed while the real killers and thieves walk scot free. Kenya is a shit hole” said Huddah.

During the case hearing, Mwangi had pleaded not guilty, asking the Judge to allow him to go home and take care of his ailing mother.

Sina Pesa

“Mimi sina Pesa na hiyo kitu yote ni ya uongo, na mimi niko na dawa za Mathare. Na hata niko na mgonjwa nyumbani ako na cancer. Hakuna makosa nimefanya mimi , afadhali nikufe, hakuna mahali naenda mimi, wachana na mimi sikufanya makosa yeyote. Niko na mashida yangu mingi. Siwezi kubali kuwekwa ndani na sina makosa. Mama yangu ni mgonjwa na pia watoto pia wanangoja niwapeleke shule" argued Daniel Mwangi.



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