BBC's Ciru Muriuki opens up about the struggle she has been going through lately

She opens up!

BBC's Ciru Muriuki opens up about the struggle she has been going through lately

BBC journalist Ciru Muriuki has opened up about the struggle she has been undergoing, in the past few weeks.

In a video seen by, Ms Muriuki revealed to her followers that she has been struggling with her mental health and depression.

She went on to say that this is the reason she has been away from social media, except for Twitter which is because of the nature of her job. Ms Muriuki stated all she has been doing is going to work and sleeping.

I have been MIA on social media for a bit. The biggest reason is work. Work can get really busy and don’t get me wrong, I love my job but it’s also really demanding…then there is also the fact that I have been struggling a bit with my mental health. I’ve had moments of great anxiety, I’ve had a couple of depressed moments. You know what, I’m understating it when I say depressed moments it sounds like I felt down for about three minutes and sixty three seconds and that’s not the case. I’ve had periods of days and days turning to weeks that I’ve just not been okay and because I’ve not been okay I have not had the motivation to do much other than work and sleep,” she said.


The BBC presenter also disclosed that she has also been struggling with her self-image because she has gained weight and she is not impressed with how she looks.

I had started working out this year and then I stopped and since then, I’ve put on quite some weight and I’m not really loving myself physically right now because I’m at my absolute thickest I’ve ever been. You know there are times you walk past your mirror and you’re like what is that rhino in my room, oh no it’s me. So I’ve really been struggling with my self-image and if you’re not really feeling great about yourself you’re not going to be posting many pictures of yourself,” said Ciru in the Instagram video.


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