Sailors Gang's Miracle Baby opens up on his days as a mortuary attendant

Nilikuwa chokosh!

Sailors Gang's Miracle Baby opens up on his days as a mortuary attendant

We all have a story to tell and as for Peter popularly known as Miracle baby, his journey hasn’t been a walk in the park.

Speaking during an interview, Miracle baby revealed to Anto Neosoul that he used to work as a mortuary attendant before joining the music industry. He was also a ‘chokora’.

Nikiwa myoung nilikuwa chokosh halafu nikaanza kudu kwa mortuary Kuwaosha after that nikaanza kuuza mawe pale ndederu ndio maana mi nikipiga ngoma na energy sitaki kurudi huko walai Ni kubaya,” said the singer.

The gengetone artiste was also a Kikuyu stand-up comedian before venturing into music with his fellow members Shalkido, Lexxy Yung, Masilver and Qoqosjuma. The lead singer is also a presenter at Inooro TV where he hosts a reggae show.

Other members of the group also revealed that they struggled with odd jobs just to put food on the table.

Qoqosjuma, the hype man in the group revealed that he used to make hair and do comedy, Masilver used to work in a mjengo and Shalqido was a tout.


The success of the group came in April 2019, after releasing their hit song ‘Wamlambez’. The song became the national anthem with the popular phrase Wamlambez, Wamyonyez, going viral and even gaining recognition overseas.

Sailors is the group behind popular hits like Jesu ni Mwathani, Pekejeng, Queen B, Wamlambez, Wainame and Nyandus. They even raised the bar higher when they released ‘Wakiritho’, a hip-hop song featuring legendary Octopizzo.

Hitting 500k views in the past was like rocket science but Sailors have made it look as easy as ABC. All their music videos have garnered over a million views with Wamlambez topping the list with over 5 Million views.


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