I’ve become weary of the people that I let in close – Joey Muthengi

I don’t have a lot of people I consider friends-Joey

I’ve become weary of the people that I let in close – Joey Muthengi

Capital FM presenter Joey Muthengi has disclosed that she has become cautious of the people she allows to become her friends.

While responding to a question on how she has managed to deal with the pressure and challenges that come with being on the limelight, the radio and TV presenter said she has had many experiences, and there are people who come into your life because you have something to give.

She mentioned that those people who come into one’s life when they are at the top of their careers are the kind of friends one needs to be very careful of.

I think I’ve had a lot experiences in my life where you get jobs, you lose jobs. You are on top sometimes you are not and there are people who just come in, in the times when you are doing well and there’s something that you can do for them. When your light is shining brightest, the people who enter be very careful,” said Joey Muthengi.

She noted that that all she has is people she can only refer to as acquaintances and not many of them make the friend mark.

Joey reminded fans that those people who stick with them when nothing is working right are the realest people who can be called friends and are very few.

The people who are there for you when you are down, when you’ve lost jobs, when things aren’t working alright and they are still we got you and recognize you, those are the people you should keep around. I’ve become weary of the people that I let in close. I don’t have a lot of people that I consider friends honestly. I have acquaintances and people that I like,” said Ms Muthengi on Chatspot.


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