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I’ve been very sick even admitted to the ICU - Size 8

I’ve had a lot of health compilations - Size 8.

Size 8

The ‘Pambio Live’ presenter disclosed that she has been very sick and was at some point even admitted to the ICU.

“I have been very sick, it’s something people don’t know, I have even been admitted to the ICU and I’ve had a lot of health compilations. But God has sustained me and every time I get a chance to wake up I know that his grace is sufficient,” she confessed on The Chipukeezy Show.


High Blood Pressure

The singer has in the past opened up about some of her health complications like high blood pressure during her pregnancy. At some point, her systolic blood pressure had sky-rocketed to 178 forcing her to undergo an emergency C-section despite her desire to give birth naturally.

“When my late mum was critically ill, I got hypertension. I was so close to her. The condition affected my placenta. Most of the times, I was in and out of the hospital. I was thus rushed to the emergency room twice. My blood pressure had risen above normal, and it was not good for the baby. That explains why I left the limelight during my pregnancy; some parts of my body had swollen because of high blood pressure. Surviving the trying moment twice made me value my baby – that explains why I upload her photos on all my social media platforms and also talk about her everywhere I go to,” Size 8 told E Daily.


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