Jalang’o exposes 5 mistakes Kenyan artists make

This is the problem!

Jalang’o exposes 5 mistakes Kenyan artists make

Kenyan Comedian and radio personality Jalang’o has exposed five mistakes Kenyan artists make that deny them airplay in radio stations.

In a long post on his Instagram page, the father of one said that he interacts with Kenyan artistes on a daily basis and they need to change their work ethics if they want to have airplay.

He went on to say that Kenyan artistes only want to be pushed noting that he himself organized a meeting between them and Safaricom and the artistes to help them know how sponsorship works but he still had to beg them to come.

He added that Kenyan artistes never support one another and the only thing they do is compete.


I know most of you are wondering why I have taken this debate so personal, it is because I interact, I host and I talk to Kenyan artists daily. Unless most of them change their work ethics the Bongo and the Naija songs will still rule our airwaves because of the following:

1. There are artists we call for interviews and totally don't show up.

2. There are artists who you have to beg to even post a poster of a show they are performing at.

3. There are artists who you literally have to beg to even send you a DJ's Drop 

4. There are artists who after giving us one huge song, think that, that's the end of the world and for more than a year, they bask in the glory of That one song and when you stop playing it, they tell you "You're not playing Kenyan Music "

5. There are artists who do not even have their own songs as their Skiza tunes. I one day, organised a meeting between Safaricom and Kenyan Artists to help them know how safaricom sponsorship works. First we had to Beg them to come and even those who came, I don't think any of them has ever written to safaricom to ask for sponsorship,” read part of Jalang’o’s post.


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