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5 things I have learnt after quitting TV - Janet Mbugua


She revealed this through her YouTube channel which she uses to share stuff about her life and pregnancy journey.

Janet revealed that over time she learnt that she is actually so much of an introvert. Having been around her family and the people she loves, she says she has noticed that she is kind of laid back and low key.

The mother of one has also disclosed that she has now become better when it comes to saying NO. She was saying yes to everything including gigs and projects and some of them clashed. It is one of the reasons why she left TV job.


Many people have always been afraid of taking risks especially when it comes to quitting their jobs. Well Janet Mbugua did quit her job because she had to take a sabbatical; breathe, reflect, pursue my passion projects in earnest and spend time with my young family. She also had projects which had to be done. Janet said that earlier she didn’t think that she’d ever gain guts to quit the job especially because it is what she has always been passionate about.

A lot of times parents fail to create time for family. For Janet she learnt to balance her time after leaving her job. She also has learnt how to balance the use of her money. She now has time for family and work (Self-employment).

The Lifebuoy brand ambassador disclosed she now has embraced who she is, how she looks, her ethnicity and all her flaws and baggage. She has accepted herself with all her imperfections.


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