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I paid for our 1st date & he gave 5 malnourished goats as dowry - Kathy Kiuna

Kathy Kiuna opened up on her story with bishop Allan Kiuna and encouraged women to protect their partners from exploitative family members, and give them time.

Bishop Allan Kiuna and Pastor Kathy Kiuna

Jubilee Christian Church’s Reverend Kathy Kiuna has recounted her humble beginnings with her husband, Bishop Allan Kiuna.

The preacher recounted that Allan was broke when they met, but their love was truimphed.

He invited her for their first date where she ended up paying the bill as he did not have the money to do so.

"He took me out for a coffee date, but I paid for it. Today he can buy me a shop," Kathy noted, reflecting on their humble beginnings and change in fortune to the current state when Bishop Allan can afford most of the things he couldn’t back then.


The preacher encouraged women to respect humble beginnings and support their partners, learning from her own experience.

She added that after falling in love and agreeing to take their relationship to the next level, Allan arranged to pay her dowry.

According to her, the bishop who was then not well-endowed financially presented five malnourished goats as dowry.

"My husband brought five goats as dowry. They were malnourished. Today, we would still be chewing the goats bishop brought," Kiuna stated.


The preacher made the revelation on Saturday, June 24, when she addressed congregants at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), in Parklands during a Daughters of Zion (DOZ) meeting.

Be wise and tell your family - Kathy Kiuna tells women

The preacher noted that women should protect their partners from family members who may want to exploit them by asking for dowry beyond their partner’s financial capabilities.

"Be wise and tell your family, for now, he doesn't have enough, but he will bring it later. If you are dating someone who hasn't gotten there, it doesn't mean he won't get there," she said.


She challenged women to be patient with their partners as they work on themselves as was the case with Allan was blessed and fortunes changed and bhe became a star in the family.

"Don't refuse to marry a man because he can't pay dowry or will bring a few goats...He (bishop) brought a few goats, but today he can bring many fat cows. It is you to protect your man," the preacher added.


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