Kamene kwani wewe ni Lesbian? – fan questions Kamene Goro after posting this Photo

That's my sister!

Kamene kwani wewe ni Lesbian? – fan questions Kamene Goro after posting this Photo

Media Personality, Kamene Goro has dismissed lesbian claims after a fan asked whether she was one, following a photo she had posted with another lady.

"Aaaai kamene kwani ww ni lesbian not in a bad way😲😲😲" asked the fan.

Ms Kamene came out to reveal that the lady in question was her sister, stating that it was ignorant of the fan to ask her that.

“that's my sister! So ignorant!” read Kamene’s response.

The Kiss FM presenter had posted the photo with the caption “To the best thing in my whole world!!!!”

This comes a few hours after the beauty revealed that she would continue working even if her co- host turned out to be Coronavirus.

Mimi nitafanya kazi Kwa hii studio mpaka hata Covid amekaa hapa na mimi, i'll be like im right here with my co host covid 19 " joked the radio host.

Her remarks came after Andrew Kibe asked what she would do if their company decided to slash their salary, after some institutions cut their non essential staff's salary by half due to the ongoing pandemic in the country.

I was paranoid and wiping down everything

This comes a few days after the media personality confessed that the coronavirus pandemic had gotten her paranoid. According her, the news was hard to take in and she found herself wiping everything in the house.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Ms Kamene stated that her birthdays have always been a big deal, but her 28th one, would have to wait until everything was settled.

"Realized the very harsh reality the country has refused to face. I'll be 28 on Tuesday, my birthday has always been a huge thing for me, but this year it will have to wait.... Had a polite lunch with my mum and sister today, because probably from now on you won't leave your house at all.... I was paranoid and wiping down everything, sitting a considerable distance from the two most important people in my life.... It was such stress....but I realized there's such widespread negligence all around, the only person who can protect me is me.....None of us is 100% healthy- recovery guaranteed... It's simple be careful," wrote Kamene.


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