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Kamene Goro clears the air on pregnancy reports, explans body changes

Kamene Goro noted that initially, she preferred silence but changed her mind to speak on the matter and put the claims to rest

Kamene Goro and her husband, DJ Bonez

Renowned media personality Kamene Goro has addressed reports that have been doing rounds on interwebs claiming that she is expectant.

In a candid update in which she addressed aspects of her life, including her health, the celebrated media personality dismissed the claims, setting the record straight.

The reports which she termed as insensitive first surfaced after her birthday celebrations in which a section of netizens noticed her physical condition and gave it their own interpretation which she has since clarified.

She shared her frustrations, noting that she has seen comments on how she was walking on her birthday with some claiming that it was because she is expecting a child.


"Over the past week, I've seen a lot of comments, and speculation about how I was walking on my birthday, and it always goes back to the same outdated pretty insensitive conclusion that I'm pregnant. Like, come on guys.

“I said I would never respond but I feel I should because those sentiments are so unfounded and ignorant," Kamene wrote on her Insta stories.

She explained that her altered gait was as a result of a surgery she had earlier in the year, adding that she is still on the path to recovery.

"Remember in January I had surgery on my knee that had me in the hospital for 5 days. I haven't walked in the long, it's actually in the run-up to my birthday that I started to try walking without my crutches. It's a difficult process to try to restore activity and muscle strength to the knee, that's why I'm walking or waddling funny. It's been such a difficult recovery honestly," Kamene explained.


Warning to those too quick to conclude out of ignorance

She urged people not to be too quick to arrive at conclusions based on ignorance but rather to ask for the truth.

"Anyway, what am I saying, before you talk from a point of ignorance and just verbal diarrhea all over my comments just find out what's up, or even just ask." Kamene added.

Indeed the media personality was in hospital in January and provided an update on her health after undergoing a successful surgery


"Finally been discharged to embark on the hardest part of my recovery. God is good," Kamene shared.

She also shared lessons learnt during the experience and appreciated her reliable support system that was with her every step of the journey.


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