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Kenyatta University's ugali pambana excites Kenyans

Ugali Pambana comprises ugali with bones and some soup.

Ugali pambana

Kenyatta University's innovative take on a student meal, 'ugali pambana,' has caused quite a stir on social media.

In the midst of rising living costs, the university appears to have devised a way to ensure that students can still enjoy a taste of meat, even if it's mostly confined to the bones.

A circulating poster reveals that a serving of ugali pambana is priced at just Sh100. This dish consists of Ugali (a staple Kenyan dish made from maize flour) served with meaty bones and a side of soup.


Locally, it's also known as 'ugali mlima,' and as soon as the poster gained traction online, many individuals confessed their fondness for this unique meal.

Ugali pambana is currently trending due to a slight increase in the price of the meal.

According to some KU alumni who came across the poster of the meal, they commented that they used to pay Sh20 for the meal.

Ugali Pambana offers a practical solution for those who crave the flavour of meat without the cost of a full meat dish.


So, whether you're a fan of ugali mlima or simply intrigued by the innovative spirit behind it, this story highlights the enduring spirit of finding solutions even when faced with limited resources.

University students love having smocha for lunch, but it seems that 'ugali pambana' is gaining traction not only at KU but in other universities.


Smocha, as it is affectionately known, is more than just a quick bite; it's a savior for office workers, college students, and Nairobi's busy single individuals.

With the rising cost of living, especially in urban areas, smocha has emerged as an affordable and convenient option for those who prefer not to cook or carry food.

What exactly is smocha? It's a humble yet satisfying meal that requires minimal effort and cost.

The core ingredients include smokies (sausages), chapatis (flatbreads), kachumbari (a fresh salsa-like mix of tomatoes and onions), and your choice of sauce.


The beauty of smocha lies in its simplicity; it doesn't demand culinary expertise or an extensive budget.

As the prices of staple foodstuffs like maize flour, sugar, and sukuma wiki (collard greens) skyrocket due to factors such as prolonged drought and economic fluctuations, Kenyans in urban settings have adapted their eating habits to make ends meet.

Chapo choma, a simple yet fulfilling dish, has become a staple for many university students on a tight budget.

This cost-effective meal typically consists of chapati (flatbread) served with bean soup, making it an ideal choice for comrades who need a hearty yet affordable option.


For a mere Sh40, you can enjoy two delicious chapatis and a generous serving of bean soup.

The beauty of this meal is that it caters to the regulars – loyal customers often receive the added treat of beef or chicken soup.

With its no-frills presentation, chapo choma can be conveniently served in a nylon bag, eliminating the need for cutlery. It's the perfect grab-and-go option for students rushing between classes.


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