Kiss 100’s Linda Nyangweso is one of those celebrities who have received some hateful body shaming comments over her body size.

But before she was a public figure she was already grappling with insecurities about her body to a point that she wouldn’t eat in public for fear that people would think that, that is all she did.

In an interview with BBC Africa, Ms Nyangweso narrated that every time she posts a photo on social media she expects meanness in the comments section.

Linda Nyangweso
Linda Nyangweso

Mean comments

A few weeks ago, Nyangweso shared a photo while on holiday with her family but people ended up hating and body shaming her.

“I posted this picture because we were happy, we were having fun on vacation, a regular family on vacation… afterwards I saw that people expected me to wear, I don’t know, garbage bags” …,” says Linda in the video.

In her narration Linda mentioned that the meanest comment she has ever got is;

“The meanest comment I gave come across is about my child, that i have no right to have a child because of how I look. When I was young I have always struggled with my weight i could not eat in public because people stared at me when I ate so I started eating in the toilet, which is ridiculous”

Contemplating suicide

She also recalls contemplating suicide saying “The only reason I didn’t go through with the suicide was because I worried my mom won’t find a coffin that would fit me”.

Ms Nyangweso explained that her husband is the most amazing person in her life as he is always blind about what is said about her.

“My husband, he’s the most amazing person because he is the most blind to most of these things but this time round what got to me was people DMing him and telling him really mean things,” .

Linda Nyangweso (Instagram)
Linda Nyangweso (Instagram)

“If I was to sit down with a bully, I would show kindness, because that is what I think is lacking so much in this space we are in. When it comes to social media, stop following people who make you feel bad. Mute people in your life who bring negativity and protect your peace,” she says.