The shocking thing Linda Nyangweso was told after giving birth

Moments after giving giving birth to her daughter, Kiss 100 presenter was told....

Linda Nyangweso

Someone on Twitter even went ahead and DMd asking her if she knew she was fat! Luckily she handled it quite well with sarcasm and didn’t let it go to her.

As she recently revealed to True Love Magazine, her daughter was the subject of a rude comment over her complexion. This is after a nurse told her that she was ‘lucky that her daughter wasn’t dark like her father'

“One of the worst experiences was when a nurse told me that I was lucky as my daughter was not as dark as her father. I was appalled by her comment and that really hurt me, I didn't want her to have body issues that are passed down from my own insecurities." She said before going on to reveal what she would want for her daughter in terms of confidence.

" I carried some of my mum’s insecurities into my adulthood .So if there is one thing I want my daughter to have is to be confident in herself, I therefore won’t wallow or moan about my insecurities all the time and I have learnt to embrace my weight.” She revealed.


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