This was after Miguna said

“Let me finish my statement!” Miguna bellowed and when Larry demanded that he answers the question Miguna cried out “You can’t cut in between before I finish, you can’t cut me off! I don’t want to come back because you are misbehaving.”

“If you are not going to answer my questions then don’t come back to my show!” Larry retorted.

To which Miguna responded with “Larry I am not going to tolerate your misbehaviour, I will not come back to your show, you are not a journalist!”

After the explosive clash, Adelle and Shaffie have spoken up with Adelle expressing admiration for how Larry handled Miguna since Miguna is known to be quite a hotheaded while on Live TV. She expressed that Miguna should not be allowed to get away with rude remarks on TV and its nice Larry put him in his place.

Shaffie then added, “They say that there comes a time that even a rude boy has to be put in his place and Larry put him in his place because at the end of the day, its Larry’s show.”

“You cannot say some things,” Adelle said.

“I don’t know why he assumed it his show. He is like ‘I will not come to your show’ then it hits him ataenda show gani, ile ingine pia alifukuzwa. Where will he go next? And the only comeback he has is ‘You are not a journalist!’ Shaffie added.

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