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Why I no longer wear thongs - Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli has spilled the beans on her current style.

Plus nice maternity wear can be pricey and for many women, it makes no sense to buy a lot of maternity outfits that you won’t wear for a few years or ever again.

For Lillian Muli, dressing her baby bump for the first three months was a breeze but in her second trimester, she found herself in some sort of sartorial wilderness as she couldn’t find fitting clothes.

Loose-fitting deeras and clothes that have a stretch got her out of the sartorial rut as they were not only fashionable but comfortable.


“Deeras are very fashionable especially those that have embroidery and sequins they can serve over the weekend especially if you want to feel elegant and not construed in any way.” Lillian disclosed on her show on ViuSasa.

Trading her figure-hugging dresses for deeras and other loose-fitting clothes is not the only thing she has given up, she has had to give up sexy underwear like thongs for granny underpants.

“Your underwear has to change, you can’t wear thongs anymore. You have to wear those pull-ups that go all the way up you know like those Lingala dancers. So yeah my underwear, I have plenty of it but it’s not nice looking. I try keeping it black don’t wear green or yellow. Wear black or navy blue because it’s still elegant.” She advised.


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