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I'm very sorry - Manzi wa Kibera reunites with 66-year-old bae after breakup drama

Manzi wa Kibera and 66-year-old lover are back together after a brief breakup with the socialite revealing that her bae's habit of spending on other women is among the things she detested

Manzi wa Kibera and her 66-year-old bae, Samuel Nzuki Ndunda aka Fundi Kijana

After a dramatic separation that came days after a surprise engagement at China Square, socialite Sheriffa Wambui popularly known as Manzi wa Kibera and her 67-year-old boyfriend are back together.

The pair reconciled during an interview with You Tuber Nicholas Kioko with the socialite asking her elderly boyfriend to forgive her for all the pain she has caused her.

"I'm very sorry for kila kitu nisamehe, (I am very sorry for everything, please forgive me)" Manzi wa Kibera said, with her bae, Samuel Nzuki Ndunda who also goes by the alias Fundi Kijana interrupting her to confirm he had since forgiven her provided she does not repeat what led to their breakup.

"Nimekusamehe nakuambia nimekusamehe sawa, usirudie tena," he said.


Afterwards, the couple embraced warmly and promised to support one another, reminding their critics that the difference in their ages is not a concern to them.

They also downplayed allegations of clout-chasing, noting that theirs is love, pure and simple.

"Mapenzi back to loving each other si clout. Back to loving each other and supporting each other, age is just a number and dramas are there in a relationship," Manzi wa Kibera stated.

From blaming fans for the alleged breakup to elderly bae's habit


The socialite revealed that their breakup was as a result of her bae spending on other women, a habit which she detested.

"Ni ujinga wako, hizo ujinga zako za M-Pesa za madem," the socialite stated.

In the wake of their breakup, the socialite claimed that a section of her fans pushed her to dump the elderly man.

"Some words are very hurtful ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”. Ati mi nadate ancestor, ati mzae hana nguvu, ngai sasa hizo ni vitu gani mnaambia mtu surely.


"Na venye hii mapenzi yangu na mzae imeshika aki mnanihuzunisha," Manzi wa Kibera stated last month when she announced their breakup.

On his part, Fundi Kijana lamented that the socialite broke his heart after he went broke and even disappeared with his Title Deed.

The whole drama has however been met with speculation that the pair is clout chasing to build their online presence and following.

They have had to respond to the accusations of clout chasing several times in the past.


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