Maureen Waititu’s heartwarming message about son that will melt your heart

Sometimes he calls me a princess!

Maureen Waititu’s heartwarming message about son that will melt your heart

YouTuber and entrepreneur Maureen Waititu revealed that her first born son, Tau Alexander is a sweet boy who has been one of her greatest source of strength and healing in life.

Ms Waititu took to Instagram to state that despite of her son being so young, he protects her fiercely, reminds her how pretty she is and holds her hand everywhere even when driving.

At such a young age, he protects me fiercely, he tells me daily without fail that I am a pretty girl and sometimes he calls me a princess 😭. He holds my hand EVERYWHERE, when we're driving, in the house and in the malls,” read the post.

The TV host then showered her son with praise adding that that he had wiped her tears, saved her life single handedly and carried her pain due to the deep connection they share. She described him as her angel on earth.

He is without a doubt my Angel on Earth and he is the best brother his babe Kai as he fondly calls him 😊 could ever ask for. I truly thank God for His greatest gift to me in form of my kids and I pray that I honour Him by bringing up them right and in fear and of Him,” she said.

Battled depression

This comes a few days after the Ms Waititu disclosed that she battled depression after separating with her boyfriend and father to her kids, Frankie Justgymit.

Ms Waititu had in an earlier interview disclosed that the separation took her to a dark place as the events leading to the breakup with Frankie tainted her self-esteem, as well as her happiness.

The mother of two stated that the breakup was tough and it got her into a state of not even knowing how to react to what was going on.

"it’s no secret that I just broke up with my boyfriend about six months ago and let me tell you guys it was tough and I remember not being able to know how to react. Of course let me tell you with anything break-up or grieving someone who’s past away or anything it’s just a process… trust the process. I trusted my process and that’s why I look like I’ve healed really but trust me I’ve not rushed my healing... You will have your denial stage, you will have your anger stage, you will have your crazy stage, you will have your negotiation stage, you will have your acceptance which personally I have come to and you will keep going back and forth until this entire process finishes what it started,” said Maureen.


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