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MCA Tricky to help Georgy - talented street kid who has lived on the street for 9 years

Georgy was chased home 9 years ago after father blamed him for sister’s death

MCA Tricky to help Georgy - talented street kid who has lived on the street for 9 years

Celebrated comedian Francis Munyao popularly known as MCA Tricky has come to the aid of George a.k.a Rayge a young man who has been living on the streets for 9 years. Georgy and other homeless young teens have been sleeping at Uhuru park under a Fly Over.

The comedian pledged to support him and even requested fellow Kenyans to assist him in making his dreams come true.

Georgy georgy georgy ! I will personally help you mahali naweza , guys lets support some of these fine talents , i salute this brother . 🔥🔥🔥🔥 kindly lets do 2k comments tagging @justinbieber @justinbieber @justinbieber hadi imfikieeeeee kwani iko neneee alafu sasa hapa home tucome thro’ tumsaidie #unsungheroesread the comedians post.


George became an online sensation after an online publication did a story on him following the struggles he faced after he was chased away from home by his father who blamed him for killing his sister.

What caught the attention of most people was his mind blowing vocals and how perfectly he could sing.

This forced MCA Tricky to search for him, calling other artistes to help Rayge saying he was talented and he could go far . He asked producers to genuinely help him in jump starting his music career.

Lazima tungemtafuta because tunajua huyu boy anaeza enda far tukimpatia support yenye iko regulated si eti kumtumia vibaya, maproducer ni nyinyi naongelesha kama ni project ikue ni project inaona mbele si project ya Kiki Kiki hapa” said the Radio Maisha presenter.


Usipime Mwanaume hit maker Naiboi pledged to support the young man’s dream as well as Radio Miasha's DJ Dj 2one2.

Mum abandoning him, Dad chasing him away

In an interview with the online publication, Rayge revealed that his life changed when his sister died. His father went with his sisters and his mum upon learning that he had to take care of him, ran away.

He has grown in Kawangware and he dropped out of school in class 6. When he tried to go stay with his dad, he chased him away saying he did not give birth to a killer. His sister died after he gave him cadbury chocolate not knowing she suffered from Diabetes.


“Wakati tulienda Music festival tulipatanga bags, equipment tukapatiwa chocolates za Cadbury so sikua najua siz anakuanga na hiyo shida ya ugonjwa na hakua ameniambia. Nlikua naona anapelekwa hospitali anadungwa sindano anaaambiwa akule matunda zingine. So mi sikua nashikanisha rada ni gani, mi nikampelekea chocolate and that’s the day she died. And from that day everything changed. Buda akanichukia na mi sikujua nimefanya nini. Ju mi sikua najua nlipelekea Gracey chocolate nikamwambia Happy Birthday. Chenye iliniudhi ni ilikua birthday yake. Dad akaniblame mpaka ikacrash familia" revealed Rayge.

He disclosed that music is the only thing that keeps him alive am keeps him pushing forward in life.

Music ndio kitu inanisaidnaga hata nikiwa streets Hkuna kitu mi hufanya nakosa kuinvolve music saa zingine mi huimbanga watu wananiita chizi."

Georgy also revealed that he loved listening to Sauti Sol, Nviiri, Hart the Band and Khaligraph Jones. Some of their stories like Papa Jones gave him hope for a better future.

Life on the streets hardened him after he and his friend were raped by two men in suits. He hopes to build a rehabilitation center and a home for street kids, a place that can protect him from violent police officers and the cold world.


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