Milele Fm makes drastic changes in programming, “fighting” radio hosts re-united

Its a love season- Lets re-unite

Kaka Zema and Presenter DEE

Mediamax owned Radio Station Milele FM has yet again made drastic changes in its programming, re-uniting Kaka Zema and Presenter Dee for Kazi Mpango.

The two who had been separated in Mid-January following their fake fight that got its way to social media to create hype around changes that were being made, are now hosting the mid-morning show #KaziMpango.

Francis Luchivya who had been paired with Mwajuma Ally for Kazi Mpango has been shifted to host Milele Drive, re-uniting with Wilbroda whom they used to host Kazi Mpango together.

Rhumba Oxygen

Presenter Dee aka Diana Tangut had been shifted to host Rhumba Oxygen initially hosted by Titi Nagwalla. Lovers of Rhumba will yet again enjoy the presence of Sauti Tajika “Titi Nagwala” as he reclaims his throne.

It’s not yet clear where Mwajuma Ally aka Chozi la Almasi with be positioned after the changes.

Truth behind the fight

On January 14th, the truth behind Kaka Zema and Dee’s fight in studio emerged after they were captured engaging in an ugly confrontation.

In the video, an infuriated Diana Tangut was captured hurling insults at fellow presenter Kaka Zema who opts to leave the studio.

Tangut, popularly known as Presenter Dee, threatens the deejay demanding that he stops playing the music or he would follow suit.

The fight was a prank meant to create hype in changes that were being made in their programming, shifting presenters within shows.


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